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Term's & Condition's

1. Contract.

The present Term's & Condition's are a contract between TJD Dry Carpet Cleaning and the customer.

Placing an order through website forms, email, SMS or by telephone constitutes an acceptance of the agreement.

2. Pricing.

All carpet/upholstery cleaning jobs are subject to a £50.00 minimum order charge.

Additional charges will apply if TJD are required to collect keys from a third party (Minimum £15.00)

3. Access.

The customer is responsible for providing access, an electric socket and suitable lighting.

Failure to do so will be subject to a £50.00 fee.

The customer is responsible for providing access at the agreed time.

Failure to do so (within 30 minutes) will be subject to a £50.00 fee and possible job cancellation due to other commitments.

4. Payment.

TJD accept cheques, cash, bank transfers and card payments.

TJD do not offer credit facilities, payment is required on job completion.

Late payment will incur a £30.00 charge.

The customer will be responsible for any bank charges incurred resulting from a returned unpaid cheque.

The customer will be responsible for legal fees where unpaid invoices are referred for collection.

5. Cancellations.

TJD require a minimum of 48 hours notice from the customer to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Failure to provide satisfactory notice will result in a 50% of job total cancellation fee.

TJD reserve the right to refuse any carpet cleaning/upholstery job due to unsatisfactory conditions.

6. Liability

TJD will not be held responsible for any existing damage. This includes burn marks, old stains, heavily worn areas and fading/shading caused by sunlight.

TJD will not be held responsible for damage where the customer has tried to remove stains themselves and have failed.

7. End of Tenancy.

TJD require that the property must be vacated and all furniture removed for unfurnished lets.

Failure of this will be subject to extra fees (£50.00).

8. Supplementary Terms

Due to health and safety regulations, TJD will only move furniture that can be moved comfortably by one person.

The customer must be responsible for ensuring that all valuables, fragile and breakable items are safely removed before cleaning commences.

9. Appendix.

TJD reserve the right to make changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving prior notice.